May 27, 2007

Summer Online-Reading Suggestions

As many of you know, while I welcome the Summer as a sign that the world is still revolving around the sun and the apocalypse has not hit us yet. I also loathe it because of the high temperatures. I can only dig the hot weather if I am on the beach and can dip into the salty brine to cool off. Therefore, when I am faced with the a day without the beach, I prefer to spend my time out in air-conditioned spaces.

Here are some suggestions of sites that might be fun or interesting for you to visit as you enjoy the lazy, hazy, days of Summer.
Arianna saw the light a few years ago and has evolved into a person embracing more progrerssive and liberal politics. This site collects some of the best ideas and thoughts on current events. Does it lean to the left. Yeah, it usually does and so what! You want a right leaning view just go to Faux mean Fox News.

Betty Bowers
A perfect parody of parochial personalities and principles. Mrs. Bowers - the best Christian in the word - has a wit as sharp as the crease on a mormon's trousers.

Food Network
Ideas for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner are covered. If you're traveling check out $40 A Day link for great restaurants. If you are having a BBQ or social function, they have several fab themes to help plan your party.

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