Feb 26, 2011

Tio Johnny Doing His Thing

This is my Tio Johnny. He has always loved to dance and has always been an amazing dancer. Back in the days of disco, he was something to behold. I think every young woman I knew always wanted a chance to throw down on the dance floor with him (and off *wink*). Aint he cute!?
He has never stopped dancing. Here are some pics of him hitting the floor with a dance troupe, that has as members, adults living with physical and intellectual challenges. I believe most members of this group are dancers that are living with Down's Syndrome. Aint she cute!?
Tio Johnny has always been amazing in my eyes. He's the uncle that always has something interesting to tell you about. He is an avid reader. Moreover, he's someone that is trying to live his life in a way that has a sense of humor and grace.

Feb 19, 2011

Random Thoughts In Haiku Form

This image from Fischerspooner's album art has inspired me to do yet another round of Haikus. To read my past haikus, just search under haiku.

On teaching in an environment that focuses heavily on testing:

An NCLB Inspired Education

a young brain must thrive
wonderment no testing yes
child left behind

For Marcos:

From Lover to Starchild

soaring through the stars
thank you love for the visit

Mother Nature is profoundly and ultimately in charge.:

Mami Nature

nurture her nature
took for granted mami's tit
bitter milk we drink

Feb 12, 2011

Past Grammy Moments That Stayed In My Head

I will tune into the Grammy Awards tonight. Over the past few years they have really turned the award show more into a concert. Plus music folks are so much more interesting to look at, because they be crazy. Who can ever forget the Grace Jones and Rick James pairing way back when? That moment was a hoot.

Here are some moments that have stayed in my head over the years.

Marcos so loved this performance. We would watch Pink over and over again.

I was a huge Culture Club fan! I was home with my family watching and totally turned red when Boy George said "You know a good drag queen when you see one." As a closeted gay teen I felt exposed.

I remember feeling an emotional pain, while being soothed by their voices. I was just a kid. Wow! The emotions music can stir within a person.

Feb 11, 2011

Spidey's Tangled Web

Julie Taymor must be having a fit these days. The past few weeks have not been kind to Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

It seems critics got frustrated with the fourth delay of the official opening for the show. So, they decided to attend the Feb. 7th show, that was suppose to be the opening, as a night to see and review the show. Click here for the reviews. It is brutal what they had to say.

The show also got some bad press because full-ticket prices are being charged, and rumor has it that theatre does not provide signs to inform paying audience members they can ask for a refund or exchange on their tickets. And, the show was recently hit with two safety violations.

Then last night SNL had a kiki with the show's troubles with this ad:

After I read the reviews I was reminded of the moments that soared and flopped. In a previous post I shared that I saw the show, and expressed my optimism (click here), by hoping the people involved with this show can fix what ails it. After reading the reviews is seems very little was done to fix the holes in what has become a sinking ship.

The funny thing is that ticket sales have continued. I guess at this point people want to pay to go see what has become a sort of theatrical car accident. Bono and The Edge must be spitting nails!

Feb 1, 2011

Lacroix, Sweetie, Lacroix

"Camilla Morton, fairy tales are taking a very fashionable twist. “It all started when I was trying to explain my job to my godson,” Morton says. “And, I realized when you watch a couture show come together — the drama, the glamour — you literally see magic.” For “Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty,” the first of what will be a series of fantasy designer biographies (Manolo Blahnik and the tale of the elves is up next), Morton has spun the story of Beauty, a starry-eyed princess condemned to wearing bland sack dresses." Source: NY Times

I love this idea. I need to look into this. The library I keep for my students is due for some new additions to the collection. I always look for books that are clever, have a good message, and of course superb illustrations. Take a look at what Lacroix has done below. Gorgeous!

Click on images for a larger version.