Feb 11, 2011

Spidey's Tangled Web

Julie Taymor must be having a fit these days. The past few weeks have not been kind to Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

It seems critics got frustrated with the fourth delay of the official opening for the show. So, they decided to attend the Feb. 7th show, that was suppose to be the opening, as a night to see and review the show. Click here for the reviews. It is brutal what they had to say.

The show also got some bad press because full-ticket prices are being charged, and rumor has it that theatre does not provide signs to inform paying audience members they can ask for a refund or exchange on their tickets. And, the show was recently hit with two safety violations.

Then last night SNL had a kiki with the show's troubles with this ad:

After I read the reviews I was reminded of the moments that soared and flopped. In a previous post I shared that I saw the show, and expressed my optimism (click here), by hoping the people involved with this show can fix what ails it. After reading the reviews is seems very little was done to fix the holes in what has become a sinking ship.

The funny thing is that ticket sales have continued. I guess at this point people want to pay to go see what has become a sort of theatrical car accident. Bono and The Edge must be spitting nails!


Reneé said...

Yeah, I read that article and thought that it was a bad sign for the creators because people are looking to see accidents more than art at this point. Can you even make a touring show of this musical? The stunts make it seem like the kind of musical that's nailed to Broadway, which cuts down on the revenue stream.

Wonder Man said...

my partner hated it