Feb 26, 2011

Tio Johnny Doing His Thing

This is my Tio Johnny. He has always loved to dance and has always been an amazing dancer. Back in the days of disco, he was something to behold. I think every young woman I knew always wanted a chance to throw down on the dance floor with him (and off *wink*). Aint he cute!?
He has never stopped dancing. Here are some pics of him hitting the floor with a dance troupe, that has as members, adults living with physical and intellectual challenges. I believe most members of this group are dancers that are living with Down's Syndrome. Aint she cute!?
Tio Johnny has always been amazing in my eyes. He's the uncle that always has something interesting to tell you about. He is an avid reader. Moreover, he's someone that is trying to live his life in a way that has a sense of humor and grace.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

I'll bet they do a mean Latin Hustle!

Wonder Man said...

he is cute