Dec 24, 2007

I've Been To Graceland

Many moons ago I visited Elvis' home Graceland. At the time I worked for Time Warner and we had to go to Memphis for training. I worked on the team that coordinated this Memphis training. We knew we had to work in some "fun" activity for the people that would participate.

The idea of visiting where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated entered into our plans. This place is now a museum about the civil rights movement and the place he stayed before he got killed. Well, the idea was killed. Many of my white co-workers felt it would be too heavy for our guests.

The only other point of interest of Memphis was to visit the home of Elvis. Ya know him. The white boy that helped Black music become part of the white audience vocabulary. Man! How that boy co-opted so much of Black culture.

Anyway. We went to Graceland. Our tour guide was a white woman that told us she dropped out of her Phd. program to work at Graceland because, she was so moved by the life Elvis lived. In her discussion of Elvis she talked about how he was so connected to the Black people of Memphis. He was so connected, that I quote, she said "He ate what Black people would eat." A saint he was.

In our tour a fellow co-worker, who is a Black woman said "Excuse me, what Elvis ate was what poor people ate." The tour guide than got flushed and was all like "Well yeah, he ate what people ate." My co-worker than said "No, you said he ate what Black people ate, meaning he had to adapt to what was available, when what he ate was what his MOTHER was feeding him because back in those day poor people had to eat what was available."

Basically, what my co-worker was saying was that don't put your Elvis on a pedestal. He was just as poor and struggling as many of the black people around him. He was NOT this benevolent saint slumming amongst the masses.

Well, after our tour guide finished her scripted speech she left the bus, to get our tickets for our tour of Graceland. I had a window seat and looked at her as she exited. I will swear on a stack of bibles that these words came out her mouth when she thought no one was looking: "That nigger bitch had to talk shit about the king."

We went on the tour and I have to say Elvis' house was not as tacky as I thought it would be. Also, he gave tons of money to charities that assisted the Black community in Memphis. I know this because there was a room of plaques that affirmed his contributions to the Black community.

Fast forward. On Oprah his daughter Lisa did that whole raised from the dead, thanks to the aide of clever editing music video moment. She sang, a pseudo-duet with her father and picked the song "In The Ghetto." It mixed her face with his face, and in between their faces as they sung about the ghetto, they kept showing faces of children that are Black.

The message here folks is that many people of certain race and or class, believe that the darker the berry the bitter the juice. Elvis was once asked about the influence that Black music has had on his career, and whether he owed a great deal of his success to Black culture. Elvis replied "the only thing a nigger is good for is for shining my shoes."

Dec 20, 2007

See Ya 2007

Goodbye 2007. You asked us to be green. You showed us that fame aint that cute. You also pulled our shirt tails and showed us the energy of the female is coming back full and strong. Isis is rising people.

I'll take some time on New Year's Eve to look at my posts for 2007 and sift out some of the lessons.

What I look forward to is seeing all the people I love and adore having a wonderful 2008. I wish for all of you a year that is filled with blessings, evolution and moments of luck.

Be joyful and opptimistic going into the new year. Change is possible. Magic is real.

Dec 16, 2007

A Stocking Stuffer

Tis the season for giving. I thought an appropriate and useful gift to my blog visitors would be to turn them on to some of the blogs I like to visit.

Miss Kitty aka Renee, breaks it down for her readers. She can get deep about politics and have a kiki about the madness of pop culture. My brain craves a daily dose of Miss Kitty.

Whenever I get homesick for my hometown of NYC I check out this blog. Todd provides tons of pictures and thoughts on living life in the most fab city in the world. Sometimes I wish I was there.

Aaron, a yungin from Canada is a brave soul. He puts out his emotions, experiences for all to see. Ahh, the cockiness of youth.

Junior made my sides hurt from laughing. He's new to my online routine and should be part of yours.

Dec 14, 2007

Jodie Comes Out!?

Jodie Foster thanked her long-time partner, Cydney Bernard, while receiving an award this week. According to people in the loop, she's been with her for 14 years. Jodie thanked her in the speech by saying "My beautiful Cydney who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss."

While most people already know Jodie is in "the life," it's exciting to see that she is taking a step out of the closet publicly. Way to go Jodie. I wonder if the rest of the DL folks in Hollywood will start to follow.

Even Oprah Has It Rough

The past couple of years have been difficult for Oprah. From what I can recall the following misfortunes have plagued her life:

- Her thyroid issues has resulted in her gaining weight.
- Her "hifey" Steadman wants out. He's realizing he can't compete with Gail.
- Her daddy wanted to write a tell-all book about her.
- She realized she unleashed the mess that is Dr. Phil on America.
- She endorsed a non-fiction book for her club that turned out to be fiction.
- Tragically at her school in Africa certain girls were being preyed upon by some sick twisted bitch.
- Now, some of her fans are not feeling the fact that she is back Obama. On her website there have been posts calling her a traitor to woman-kind.

Is Oprah headed towards the fate that has fallen upon Phil Donahue? I always believed that sooner or later everyone in Celeb-Land gets played out and no one wants to give them any love.

Well, we'll have to wait and see. I'm sure Oprah is working "The Secret" to avoid anymore heavy times.

Dec 12, 2007

Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours

Today Wal-Mart removed a pair of panties it was selling in the Juniors department. The cause for the removal was the message embroidered on the panties. The front says "Who needs credit cards?," and the rear says "When you have Santa." This message offended many female customers, especially parents. I wonder how many of these offended customers consider Pretty Woman one of their favorite hooker to riches films.

In this culture of super sweet sixteen parties, and fascination with the bling lifestyle, manufacturing a pair of panties like that would make sense. Obviously, there is a customer for that sorta undergarment.

Sex as a weapon, sex as a commodity is nothing new. I think there are a lot of young women and men that follow that pantie's philosophy. What sucks about this way of life is that it aint cute to have to wait for someone else to feed you. I'm sure it would get tired real fast.

Picture that taunt, fresh, sassy young girl that squealed with joy when she bought that pantie, 20 years down the road. I'm sure her life would look something like this:

Dec 11, 2007

Onion Makes You Cry

I visited The Onion today. They are sick, twisted, clever people. Here's a sample.

Poll: Mitt Romney Is Candidate Most Voters Want To Get Into Bar Fight With

God Bless America?

"The Declaration of Independence is not a Puritan or Calvinist or Methodist or Baptist or Protestant or Catholic or Christian document, but a document of the Enlightenment. It is a statement that deeply and intentionally invokes the language of American deism. It is a document of its own time, and it speaks eloquently about what Americans of that time believed."

To get the full story . click here

Dec 10, 2007

Why Hire Ignorant People?

Main Entry: ig·no·rant
Function: adjective
Pronunciation: 'ig-n(&-)r&nt
1 a : destitute of knowledge or education ; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence

It has become evident to me that Georgie staffed his administration with ignorant people. Today Dana Perino revealed on NPR that she was ignorant about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Damn! The Cuban Missile Crisis is part of history lessons in every high school in America since 1962. I guess she would have failed her assessment and testing while she was a student. Isn't she lucky she went to school prior to NCLB.

She joins a long list of Bush's appointed ignoramuses. If you don't believe me then check out the track record of Alberto Gonzales, Brownie, and Rumsfeld. His administration has been infested by dumb fucks.

I then had to ask myself why he would hire such ignorant people. Here is my explanation of the madness.

1. The head chief is a dumb fuck himself. A wise sage once said "birds of a feather flock together."

2. You want to sell a bullshit agenda in government, then get some bullshit minded people behind you. They won't question you or have an enlightened or informed thought behind them.

3.Dickie boy gave them the once over and told Georgie, "yeah, go with it." Dick wanted to be the only brain in the room. FYI-Georgie is his Pinky.

4.People can bullshit their way into just about any position in life. As a former Time Warner employee I saw ivy league credential having dumb fucks sink that company's stock value to the ground.

5. Hey we place nice together. You don't use dem big words. We should work together.

Dec 9, 2007

The Year I Was Born

I was born in 1968. Being born in 1968 makes me fascinated to know more about what happen on this planet during my first year on it. I believe that whatever energy was swirling throughout her, has affected my own spirit.

Tonight I am watching a documentary on the History channel about the year 1968. Tom Brokaw is hosting it and he's interviewing people who were either prominent during those times and/or living as adults during those times. They also showed archival footage of what people had to say during that year. Here are some highlights of
what people said:

"As young people, we didn't believe what the president was telling us about the [Vietnam] war.

George Wallace at a rally to blue-collar-whites. "These people need to learn other four letter words like W.O.R.K and S.O.A.P. This Georgie supported segregation.

"The War is criminal and immoral."

Sen. Robert F. Kennedy running for president, said at a rally, something along the lines of - How many more men, how many more lives should be sacrificed to provide the victory that is always just around the corner?

Movements create leaders, rather than leaders create movements.

"The Whole World Is Watching" - chanted by protesters at the Democratic National Convention during the police riot that resulted in these civilian protesters being clubbed, tear-gassed and arrested by the police.

All I have to say is what has been said before me. "There is nothing permanent, except change." "The more things change, the more they stay the same." "Those that do not know their history and doomed to repeat it." "And, The beat goes on." "Let the sunshine in!"

Dec 4, 2007

Heavy Hangs The Head

I caught Georgie's news conference today. He spoke about the old, yet new, intelligence regarding the nuclear activities in Iran. I won't get into what he said, for quite sometime I stopped believing in what he had to say. What I do want to say is that he looked like he is soooo over his job and can't wait to get back to the ranch. Georgie would rather have a drink and enjoy the fruits of other people's labor.

I'm reminded of how prior to 9/11 he spent a lot of time away from the oval office. You know he's gagging that he had to actually start working. Well, there he sits at his desk waiting for recess to be called.

Dec 2, 2007

I Was Called A Fag Today

It's not often I get called fag, sissy, homo, cocksucker or any other derogatory name. I often wonder if it is because I don't register as queer to most people. I also wonder if it's because most people really don't care if I'm queer.

Well today on my channel someone responded to my NCLB Sucks post by writing "fag". I laughed because it made so much sense that my using the word "suck" in the tag would invite certain types. My response to his or her post was "Thanks for sharing."

One of the perks of being a queen of a certain age is that you learn to pick and choose your battles. Ignorance and hate is alive and well in the world. I know this, good people you also know this, the past few years have proven this. I can't spend too much of my time fighting, because then I lose time with energies such as love, joy, and happiness.

Back in the day when I was not in love with myself, being called fag would have turned me out. I'm happy to say that now I look forward to healing the sickness of hate that affects so many people in our society. I truly believe that we need to make more of an effort to discover the connections that remind us that LOVE has to rule. This us and them mentality has not done us well.

If healing is not the answer, I look forward to asserting myself to stand proud and take me place in the world. With that said, I will not be held responsible for my actions against the persons that tries to deny me that God given right.

People that spread hate should be stopped, questioned, and exposed. They should be reminded that they are breaking the Higher Power's rule to offer a hand rather than a fist. And, SHE will deal with them at judgement time.