Dec 9, 2007

The Year I Was Born

I was born in 1968. Being born in 1968 makes me fascinated to know more about what happen on this planet during my first year on it. I believe that whatever energy was swirling throughout her, has affected my own spirit.

Tonight I am watching a documentary on the History channel about the year 1968. Tom Brokaw is hosting it and he's interviewing people who were either prominent during those times and/or living as adults during those times. They also showed archival footage of what people had to say during that year. Here are some highlights of
what people said:

"As young people, we didn't believe what the president was telling us about the [Vietnam] war.

George Wallace at a rally to blue-collar-whites. "These people need to learn other four letter words like W.O.R.K and S.O.A.P. This Georgie supported segregation.

"The War is criminal and immoral."

Sen. Robert F. Kennedy running for president, said at a rally, something along the lines of - How many more men, how many more lives should be sacrificed to provide the victory that is always just around the corner?

Movements create leaders, rather than leaders create movements.

"The Whole World Is Watching" - chanted by protesters at the Democratic National Convention during the police riot that resulted in these civilian protesters being clubbed, tear-gassed and arrested by the police.

All I have to say is what has been said before me. "There is nothing permanent, except change." "The more things change, the more they stay the same." "Those that do not know their history and doomed to repeat it." "And, The beat goes on." "Let the sunshine in!"

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