Dec 2, 2007

I Was Called A Fag Today

It's not often I get called fag, sissy, homo, cocksucker or any other derogatory name. I often wonder if it is because I don't register as queer to most people. I also wonder if it's because most people really don't care if I'm queer.

Well today on my channel someone responded to my NCLB Sucks post by writing "fag". I laughed because it made so much sense that my using the word "suck" in the tag would invite certain types. My response to his or her post was "Thanks for sharing."

One of the perks of being a queen of a certain age is that you learn to pick and choose your battles. Ignorance and hate is alive and well in the world. I know this, good people you also know this, the past few years have proven this. I can't spend too much of my time fighting, because then I lose time with energies such as love, joy, and happiness.

Back in the day when I was not in love with myself, being called fag would have turned me out. I'm happy to say that now I look forward to healing the sickness of hate that affects so many people in our society. I truly believe that we need to make more of an effort to discover the connections that remind us that LOVE has to rule. This us and them mentality has not done us well.

If healing is not the answer, I look forward to asserting myself to stand proud and take me place in the world. With that said, I will not be held responsible for my actions against the persons that tries to deny me that God given right.

People that spread hate should be stopped, questioned, and exposed. They should be reminded that they are breaking the Higher Power's rule to offer a hand rather than a fist. And, SHE will deal with them at judgement time.


Reneé said...

That's the way you have to deal with folks over on "the tubes" some go trolling for fights. I just ignore them or laugh at them because they are so ignorant. That being said, if you need me to take my earrings and pumps off just let me know.

Allan S. said...

Yes, it's true, bullshit like that goes with the whole online experience. I totally laughed it off. Wasn't the first or last time I had to deal with that type of nonsense. While I prefer the path of peace and light, I gots noo problem pulling back the hair and slathering my face with Vaseline and handling mines! LOL

The Gringo's Wife, Ph.D. said...

Damn. If there is one thing I hate is ignorance. But, if there is one thing I love about this world are people like you Allan. But, don't worry about words like that Allan, the only important ones that at least I can offer you are words such as: true friendship, trust and love. Don't you like those better? ;)

Anonymous said...