Apr 19, 2014

Titi Maria's Turn at Metamorphosis

Photo: MOMS..

I lit a gardenia scented candle for Titi Maria in front of my altar last night. I said prayers and expressed my sincere appreciation for my Titi being a significant and essential part of my life. I was blessed to have her.
She then gently sent images to my mind that showed how she worked her beauty through out the years. She was fine, fashionable and about family. I will endeavor to carry her torch.
Btw, I recently made me spaghetti and Spam for dinner. This dish was one of her go to dishes when money was tight. Back in the day money was often tight. Titi Maria taught me the importance of making a dollar stretch in order to feed your family and take care of business.
When I eat this dish I am reminded about how Titi's creativity was used to take care of the people she loved. She always worked her knowledge, talent and spirit in order to take care of all of us. She done taught me well.
Bien hecho Titi. Muchas Gracias.
I now have a grade A, top-notch, Wonder Woman of a guardian angel on the other side that has joined Marcos, James, Joselito, Willi Ninja, and others that I loved; that will guide me as I continue my journey.

Apr 1, 2014

Frankie's Turn at Metamorphosis

Go on Frankie! Thank you for giving my tribe the "church" we needed when we strutted into the Paradise Garage. Sometimes,  I turn to the sonic medicine you gave this lost queer boy, whenever I need healing.

All of my senses are re-activated when I remember the first time I walked into the Garage, while you played the House Music all night long.

I found my place in the GLBT world on Christopher St. and you gave us our soundtrack. I stomped to the beats because this baby wanted to ride.

I also remember meeting you at the Roxy one night. Willi Ninja and I went to the DJ booth to give you some love. I was so impressed that you were kind to us.

You then focused on giving the crowd the music they needed to feel connected while feeling fab and free.

Your work saved many lives, which in my mind makes your work divine. Now, papito go onto the divine and learn about how you mattered in this mortal coil.

I love you. I thank you. I have your music to sustain me.

With gratitude,