Jan 28, 2015

Hey, 'Memba When Allan Use to Post on the Regular?

Good People,

I have been MIA for several months now. Well, actually I've been reading and enjoying your blogging. Renee, Viktor, Michael, et. al., ya be doing it! However, I have been letting the grass grow long, and the dust collect on my own blog.

I assure you it has nothing to do with any major drama, or illness, or disinterest. Gracias a dios. The simple reason is my old ass laptop has been giving me problems when it comes to posting. I am well overdue for an upgrade. However, I need a new sofa first. Priorities!

So, I plan on posting from my lovely computer lab, at my lovely university. BTW I am so digging my TESOL masters program. I am four courses in, loving my cohort and doing well. I will see this journey all the way to the end. I got a lot of guardian angels and the grit to make it happen.

I have also been working really hard to give my K-4 students, at my ever so lovely school, the best that I can give them. They motivate me to bring my pedagogical skills to new levels, and they crack me up! The things that come out of the mouths of those babes.

I have so much on my mind and need to extract things out carefully and in an orderly fashion. I gotta ease back into my blogging with  some form of grace and decorum. It would not be cute for me to mentally vomit all over the place. So, please keep an eye out for my future posts.