Jul 29, 2012

From Virtual To Reality

A couple of days ago Renee, a fierce blogging auntie, squealed in a post for the bags my thumb is pointing to. I gagged because what I was just looking at online, was right in front of me in real life. 

I just happen to come across these cartoony bags in a cute little shop at Grand Central, that sells all sorts of knick-knacks and bric-a-brac. 

Renee, head on over to NYC for a weekend and return home with the bag of your choice. You deserve it mama. 


I came across a word I have not seen, nor said it a very long time. The word is phantasmagoria.

Merriam-Webster defines phantasmagoria as (take your pick):

: an exhibition of optical effects and illusions
a : a constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imaginedb : a scene that constantly changes
: a bizarre or fantastic combination, collection, or assemblage
I always loved that word and realized that this planet is in need of witnessing more of these types of events.

We need more magical mind blowing moments in our lives.

I'd skip the traditional spooky forms of this illusion, and would prefer something sexy, sublime, and organic.

Hopefully, it will come in the form of the Hedwig sequel,  Viktor wrote about in his blog.

Jul 28, 2012

Random Thoughts - 2012 Olympics

So, here are my thoughts so far on the 2012 Olympics:
  • The opening ceremonies had it best bits when they went for humour and showcased the history of great pop music from the other side of the pond.  I had a good laugh when the Queen dived out of a helicopter and Mr. Bean joined the orchestra. 
  • The least successful moments occured when it got ham-ish and overstuffed, for example Kenneth's speech from  The Tempest moment. I also got sad when I saw all those volunteers removing acres of turf in order to have the Industrial Revolution moment fill the air with sulphur. Umm, and the boy meets girl mini-novela was a brick load of unnecessary.
  • I am excited that the U.S. men's gymnastic team has two Latino papi chulos representing. One is, John Orozco, a Boricua from the Bronx, and the other is a tall, dark and handsome, Daynell Leyva, a Cuban-Americano. 
  • Oh, and there is a little stick of dynamite in Latina, Marlen Esparza, who is competing in the first women's boxing competition. Wepa!!
  • With all his gold and glory did Michael Phelps really need to spend the last four years of his life preparing for yet another Olympics? Doesn't he have other dreams or ambitions? I am sure he pulled enough coins from endorsements prior to his bong incident, that would have enabled him to pursue a new purpose in life. 
  • Well hallelujah for the muslim women athletes breaking new ground. Get it ladies! I truly hope you inspire an entire generation of girls back home.
I'll be watching with eagerness, cheering the underdogs, waiting to be inspired by the personal stories, and believing the next three weeks will cultivate our collective humanity. 

Jul 5, 2012

A Bedtime Story

Good people, because I love you, I offer this story to tuck you into bed. It was illustrated and co-written by Ezra Jack Keats, author of the classic children's book,  The Snowy Day

May this tale send you dreams of an empathetic world where people find more connections to each other, rather than letting how we are different move us apart. 

May those dreams inspire your own action, and how you move in the world. 

This book should be read and discussed with a child, to then become a part of his or her home library.