Aug 26, 2018

Music Is Still The Answer

It's been a minute since I posted some of the music that is taking care of my mind, body and soul. I hope you like.

This woman is cool.  Her homegirls are cool. The song brings me back to those days of young heartache and insecurity.

Some chill vibe from a group out of Wadsworth, London. I've read somewhere the lead male singer is queer. Who cares? His voice is all kinds of sexy to me.

I first heard this on SYTYCD (which has some fierce dancers this year) and was blown away. Travis Wall choreo a contemporary number to it, which was on point. I digress. This version brings a Alex-clicking-the-light-on-and-off-while-masacara-runs-down-her-face feel to this song.

Okay, enough of the sads. Seinabo mixes in thoughts of empowerment with a love gone wrong.