Jan 6, 2011

A Night With Spidey

Intermission Time!

Okay so back in December I went to go see the Spider-Man musical! It was meant to be a night out with Marcos and my sister, alas, things sadly had changed.

I lifted m head up and went out to get back into life, and brought along two of my dearest friends that I've known since high school. Time with dear friends and a night out in NYC to see live theatre is just what my spirt needed.

Well, as many of you have read, the "Spider-Man musical" has been plagued with many problems. There have been canceled performances due to some scary moments that involved performers being injured. Most recently one of the actors that plays Spiderman fell over 20 feet into the orchestra pit when a restraining cable failed to break his leap. And, the lead actress playing Arachne, that suffered a concussion weeks ago, left the show this week.

Did someone connected to the show mentioned the Scottish play while in the house? It feels like the show is cursed.

What I saw that night was a preview and it's traditional to not offer a review while a show is in preview. It's just not fair. The directors, actors, musicians, et. al. are working out the kinks. So what I offer now is not a review but my own reflection on what I saw that night and that lingered with me.

- The proscenium is framed with this huge web that comes out into the theatre. Very cool looking and a perfect foreground for a comic coming to life on stage.

- When Spidey ran down stage in slow motion as the Brooklyn Bridge slowly ascended with Mary Jane dangling at the end, the audience cheered. I knew we were in for something new.

- Arachne descending from the heavens as she sang an ethereal song that told of her run-in with Athena was made even more surreal as the female members of the chorus swayed back and forth while dangling from long bolts of silk in order to weave a shimmering curtain. Genius!

- Watching Spidey fly above our heads was great fun. I gagged when he would land at different areas, because you can hear this thump when he landed, that let you know this was some serious acrobatics.

- The towering 3D televisions moved about the stage and illuminated the theatre to great effect. Seeing the Green Goblin 20 feet tall in techno-green while he taunted Spider-Man was particularly creepy.

- I admired the group of performers that really gave it their all. It must not be easy to try to get things right, while so many things have been going wrong. Great singing, great dancing, wonderful portrayals of their characters. America Olivio, the stand-in for Arachne, has a beautiful voice. The show must go on.

Okay, so maybe this was sort of a review. I guess I wanted to share that on that night I saw something that was really trying to take live theatre to another level. I wish all involved with the show the stamina and inspiration to make it work.

My Family of Choice


Aaron said...

I have heard so many mixed reviews and personally seeing some of the character designs (swiss miss seriously!?!??!) and hearing the music i would probably go in not expecting much.
It sounds like it will be quite the spectacle when it is all ironed out! I may have to check it out assuming its running when I finally make it to the big NY

bunnilove said...

You got it right Allan...it was very exciting. But it's quite sad to be still working out the kinks with such dangerous stunts involved. Still, you hit the high points, especially Arachne, her intro was truly amazing! The Play is best suited for teens, they would love it.

But really the best part of the night was being with you and Devon. The play could have been a total flop and I wouldn't have even noticed :))

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Thanks for this post!! Not just for the spirit of the show but the spirit of family!!

Reneé said...

Love the pictures! I hope the play works out given that some of the actors have almost died trying to make it happen...and the 65 mil pricetag. The Scottish Play (Musical) indeed.

Wonder Man said...

My partner is flying to NYC to see this, I decided to pass

Kyle said...

Like Aaron I have heard so many mixed reviews, but I was hoping people were being picky. From the things you bring forward, I'm officially jealous you got to see it. Glad you got a night out with your chosen family and had such a blast.