Jan 3, 2011

Sy Fy Fashion Fantasy Moment

While dreaming about the future, I took a short glimpse into the past. I remembered how Thierry Mugler excited me about fashion with is vision and major fashion show productions. I even got to see one of his garments upclose and try on one of his necklaces when Willie Ninja walked for him back in the day. It made a then young gayling smile and feel fierce.

About 22 seconds into the video you will see Willie Ninja werk the Paris runway with his idol, the legendary Iman. I was so happy for Willie. He went from the projects of Queens, NY and served it in Paris and Russia along side a diva that he adored. Dreams do come true.

This is an amazing and fun fashion show extravaganza. They don't build shows like this anymore. Please note Thierry Mugler's fashion has become a major inspiration for many designers of today. He was really ahead of his time.


Reneé said...

OK, a lot of those pieces are still very workable in 2011 if the shoulder pads are adjusted. The models were just giving it...why can't these new millennium hos walk in their pumps? Most of the new shoes aren't any trickier than the ones Iman, Naomi, etc used to have to glide in.

Kyle said...

Love the shows. Many of the pieces are timeless. Shorten them(or lengthen), change the shoulders, or a few minor adjustments to color and you could wear the same thing today. Maybe I just think that because fashion doesn't really exist here in NH.

Wonder Man said...

love that mess! it reminds me of the days when I wanted to be a designer