Jan 16, 2011

Music Therapy - Old Skool Style

Good people, today was rough. I found myself missing Marcos and then frustrated that he is not here with me. I actually argued with him by talking to the air. I allowed myself that moment. Then I remembered that he fought long and hard, but was ill. While writing this I remember how handsome he was, and that I would love to give him one long kiss.

I know find myself, like I usually do, going back to the past. Today's therapy required me to revisit the music that ushered me into being a hip-hopper. I'm just visiting, but not staying. I needed a jolt of the old, in order to continue to allow me to move forward. When I heard old skool hip hop I was never the same. I found a profound connection to my time and generation. I was 12 years-old.

So this is about feeling a connection and accepting the time I am living within. I know there are some former hip-hoppers navigating life just like I am. Aint that right Renee?

When I heard this song I realized I was a teenager! Gag on this. I first heard this song at a Christian church dance!

This song will influence my movement into loving and vibing off of House Music. Yeah, I know the song in this video is very techno, but the subject matter and sonic vibe brought me to appreciate the scene at the Paradise Garage.

I love this man's voice.


Reneé said...

"...let your soouuul lead the way..."

LMAO! That was right on time, Allan.
I was moping around yesterday listening to Teena Marie and pretending that I was at Carmen's Rollerskating rink in Philadelphia. Teena made the best rollerskating tunes back in the 1980's.

Allan S. said...

I use to struggle on the turns at Sweet Ruby's back in the day. LOL. And, you know I thought I was all that when I learned how to go backwards.

Kyle said...

Great music Allan, especially Dominatrix. We all need to go back to places to move forward sometimes. For comfort, or to relive the memories, to loose ourselves for a little while, or just to feel young again, we all do it. I think the "visits" give us perspective we need. Take care of yourself.

Wonder Man said...

wow, that's some memories. but I feel you, I feel like that about a guy lost last year

Annyanka said...

As always, I love you're honesty and narration style. Hope you are doing well tio. Miss you.