Jan 21, 2011

Another Snowday - Chillin' with Andy

Today, was my fifth snowday from work! Todd just growled a bit. See the thing is the majority of students in my district are bused to school, therefore, the slightest occurrence of inclement weather results in school being closed. At this rate we'll probably have the school year extend into July. So, don't be to envious people, I'm playing now but will pay later.

Anyhoo, I decided to watch on tv, Ovation's airing of the documentary Andy Warhol's Factory People for like the upteenth time. I'm fascinated with the stories and characters. To see the surviving members of that crowd share insights and stories is amusing.

My favorite story is the one about Andy having Bob Dylan sit for one of his "screen tests" and Dylan was cordial and sat for two hours basically not doing much. Just being all aloof in that rockstar sorta way in front of the camera.

The kiki of the story is that when it was all done, as Dylan left the Factory, he saw the silver painting of Elvis with the cowboy costume and gun drawn (see picture above). He grabbed the painting and said to Andy, "Hey man, I'll take this as payment." To which Andy just stared at him and turned "tomato soup red."

The scandal was that Andy thought he was alpha-art bitch, and he was so not ready for a contemporary that also thought he was alpha-art bitch. It gets better. A few months later Andy finds out that Dylan traded in the painting for a piece of furniture. The end result was that Andy and Dylan never "worked" together again. I find that hysterical.

Check Ovation's programming schedule for the next airing. It really is a fun and at times fascinating look into a modern mythical time.


Wonder Man said...

sounds interesting to watch

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Growl... Indeed....

I gotta get on Ovation and see if I can DVR a repeat screening of that Warhol film!!!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

We finally got one today.... Only the 7th one since 1978!!