May 15, 2006

The Legendary Willie Ninja

Willie Ninja and I go way back. Twenty-two years worth of way back. Damn I'm getting old.

Willie is known for being an amazing pioneer of "vogueing." If you don't know what "vogueing" is go out and rent "Paris Is Burning," a cult classic documentary, in which Willie was featured. Hey, better yet go to and find out where the nearest "Ball" is happening, so you can see what the new ball-children are up to.

Two weeks ago Willie and his House of Ninja, performed at a mini-ball held at one of the Dance 208 events held at The LGBT Community Center of NYC ( Above is a picture of the kids "giving it." Willie is the tall mocha-latte divaesque mother figure, on the far left, clad in black shiny latex.

What I always admire Willie for is his kind heart. When I met him at the age of 16 and I was growing through the drama of coming out, his friendship made my transition easier. Willie and his mother, Ms. Esther, always told me to do right by myself and be ME, despite the fact I moved in a world that told me to be ashamed and hide who I really was.

Willie and Ms. Esther continue to give that message to other up and coming "gaylings." For that, Willie to me is truly worthy of the term LEGENDARY.

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Michael said...

In your life you meet people who just pass by and you remember them from time to time
After meeting Allan, several years ago, I know he was a good soul!
Much love forever!
Amor del Rey!