May 1, 2011

He Can Dish It Out, But Can He Take It? Not So Much.

I laughed that sorta of laugh that comes from deep down inside, when I saw the videos of Pres. Obama and Seth Myers snapping on Donald Trump. These men so laid into Trump that it was scandalous.

While I'm not one for public ridicule, Trump had it motherfucking coming. You have to see Trump seething in his seat. Megalomaniacs like Donald have no sense of humor when it comes to themselves. Trump gagged and will have to struggle in order to come together.

The library is open, let's start reading:


Joy said...

I loved it! Trump definitely has no sense of humor about himself and can't stand any hint of criticism. He usually starts a feud when that happens and goes ballistic on the others. He set himself up for all this. I watched it last night and am glad you have these videos on your blog.

Thank you, btw, for commenting on my blog. I somehow managed to delete my blog list and hadn't found your link. Now I have it again. I've missed keeping up with you and knowing how you are.

Reneé said...

Can you imagine how heated Trump is this Monday morning? I loved hearing that people booed him on his way into the dinner. He is not used to that kind of treatment so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to it publicly.

Andja said...

This was great! I was wondering when the ridicule would start lol. Ah Donald, never put ur finger in too many pies its not like ur Arnold Swarzanagger, his hair actually looks like it belongs to him!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Trump's a frump!

Wonder Man said...

I loved it from the rutter to the tooter