May 14, 2011

The Ying and Yang of Teaching: 8

I recently posted about an anxious moment that enveloped me, after I encouraged two of my students living with autism, to participate in the town's science fair.

I wanted them to do well by being able to present their project. They needed to present to judges, convey they understood the scientific concepts, and take random questions.

This was a significant task for my two dudes from the fifth-grade, because conversation with others is a challenge for them. They both can go into their own world.

I am proud to say, they did very well. In fact they got an honorable mention! They said all the key points about magnetic forces, explain the procedure and outcome of their experiment, and referred to their display to highlight information.

Mind you, this was not a science fair for student with special needs. It was the science fair for the entire district! My two guys were the only young people with special needs at the event, and they held their own.


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Reneé said...

Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

That's sounds excellent! ¡Felicitaciones maestro!

Kyle said...

Excellent! Sounds like all your work paid off Allan.