Jun 20, 2007

All Life Is Sacred...Well, Sometimes

Today Bush vetoed the stem cell measure. He stated that he felt it was immoral and "didn't want to encourage the deliberate destruction of human life." I give it to Bush he loves them fetuses. But, honey once you are out of the womb, all bets are off!

Interesting how there is no effort on his part to protect the sanctity of life in certain situtations. As Governor of Texas he let many an inmate on death row take their final walk to their death. And, umm, let's not forgot his signing off on the "Shock and Awe" campaign that sent many an innocent Iraqi to their deaths.

Maybe I miss the part in the bible that provides rules on when life is sacred and when it's no longer sacred. Amazing how people use their "beliefs" in such convenient ways.

FYI many of the embryos that would be used for research are eggs that were going to be disposed.

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