Jul 5, 2007

Back With The Yungins

Okay good people, the students participating in the summer program at Cross High School arrived today! As always the first day is very exciting. I get to put faces to the names, that I've been reading off the many variations of lists given to me. I know them by grade, ethnicity, GPA, credit needed and zip code. Today, they became real young people.

This year the program has expanded and we have rising freshman, sophomores and juniors. So basically these kids range in ages from 13-17. Ahh, to be that age again - hell no! Yet, you have to go through it.

It's interesting how I take in first impressions, however; they don't last long. I've learned from experiences that what you first see is not what you are going to get. These young people are more complex than that. They soooo have an internal life going on.

Last year kids that started off shy and withdrawn opened up towards the middle of the program. And, kids that were extroverted and gung-ho vanished after the first few days. It takes time to know a person. After awhile all the masks start to peel off, especially with young people.

So I am up and running again with the young people of Cross High School in New Haven. What is always consistent with my students is that they need the motivation, information and guidance that will help each of them be successful, using their full-capability, come September.

I'll keep you posted.

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