Jul 13, 2007

A Comment on The Huffington Post

I thought this was greatly put by Professor Duh on The Huffington Post

"Advertising is about manipulating the public, while journalism is about informing the public. Advertising, not journalism, is now the dominant mode of discourse in the United States.
George W. Bush was sold to the American people entirely as a product, as the image of a great leader who was, paradoxically, a “regular guy” with whom you’d like to have a beer — not as the reality of a combat-dodging C student and serial business failure who’d spent most of his adult life drunk. As is now the rule, the American people bought the image and ignored the reality, in part because they now see themselves as consumers, not as citizens.
Americans have now tried the product, and have found that it sickens them. They are fed up not only with the product, Bush, but with the brand, Republican."

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