Jul 7, 2009

Class Is In Session 2

We are up and running with Summer school. Here is a brief take on things.

Smiley Face Moments:

- A few students have told me the course my co-teacher/colleague and I are offering is their favorite. I have an ego.
- I've been focused on monitoring my students reactions to the lecture and course correcting along the way. I strive to keep said ego in check.
- I've seen the "a-ha" and "light bulb goes on" moments on my students' faces. At the end of the day it's about them.

Frowny Face Moments:

- An unacceptable amount of students are absent or cutting class. Damn it!
- Administration can test your patience. They are here for the kids, but in a slightly different way. Therefore, at times we see things so differently.
- My boss was diagnosed with cancer.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your boss, hopefully during the summer he or she can take some time off.

As for the kids, it's funny 'cause with my mom being a teacher, I've heard her say the exact same things. The kids aren't the problem but sometimes the adults are!

Wonder Man said...

sorry about the bad news, but it's good that your students like you