Nov 5, 2008


For President-Elect Obama:

I too have a dream
you uplift the human race
I await true change

For Vice-President-Elect Biden:

I respect your mind
ride in pride with the main man
advise him well sir

For Mrs. Michelle Obama:

yes he is lucky
I know you guided him true
lucky to have you

For John McCain:

you found fear and hate
now you bow out gracefully
grace is amazing

For Goody Palin:

bright lights, big city
all that glitters is not gold
big time needs big brain

To My Fellow Americans:

now the work begins
things have to change no more lies
we must mind the store


Anonymous said...


great sensibility, Love them. To me Palin
pro -lifer that loves to kill and then prays about it.


Kitty said...

I love these and will share them with others.

Allan S. said...

Miss Kitty, share to your hearts content. Sharing is a divine act.

Papito, I have mad love for ya.