Jan 19, 2012

Bobby Deen Cleaning Up Mama's Mess

I find Bobby so sexy. 

Yesterday, I saw Bobby Deen's show Not My Mama's Meals. In this show Bobby retools his famous mama's, Paula Deen, classic recipes in order to bring down calories and fat.

I gagged when Bobby revealed that his mother's Shrimp and Grits dish has over 1,000 calories and 40 grams of fat. These numbers are like Burger King numbers.

Paula recently announced she has adult onset type 2 diabetes. Duh! She also put out that she always talked about eating her food in moderation. Yeah right! If she can't do it, most of her viewers can't do it.

How that cutie Bobby managed to survive a childhood of Paula's kinda cooking is a miracle.

BTW, a lot of folks have called Paula out on her style of cooking before and now after her announcement of her living with diabetes. Here is a link to Renee's take on the whole thing.


Junior said...

Not to defend Paula because she very much could have changed her recipes or told people how to make healthier alternatives, it's also on the Food Network for LOVING any show about greasy, full fat, crazy portion sized meals. Has anyone seen "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives"? Anyone want to guess what Guy Fieri's triglyceride levels are?

Wonder Man said...

I think he's hot too