Aug 19, 2010

Less Ewww!

Good ol' Todd probably called it when he commented the following, "She's prolly scared to death... And this is her defense.." in the Eww! Yet, I Pity Her post.

The following day I kept my distance from this new colleague. Which I'm sure communicated something to her. Then we chatted and when I spoke she was giving me stank face. I asked her, "Ms. So and So, did I say something to offend? Your facial expression is saying "annoyed" to me.

She quickly followed up with eyes wide open and said "Oh no! Mr. S" She then stroked the side of my arm and smiled. Over the following days she relaxed and a smile seemed more at place on her face.

We ate lunch together and had a nice chat with some laughs. Yes, I know, first impressions are not always the lasting impression.

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