Aug 17, 2010

Ewww! Yet, I Pity Her.

So, good people, I met a new teacher coming to work at my school today. Her body language, gestures and facial expression conveyed an acrid personality.

She presented herself as someone that most folks would look at and say "needs a good fuck." I told my sister about it, and without prompting her, she said "Oh, she needs a good fuck."

I take issue with that remedy. There have been times that my valley of good and plenty went neglected, and I went into bitch mode. However, I've seen the errors of those ways and realized other parts of my being needed to be stroked in order to shed the hard exterior of acting, not in a good way, like a cunt.

I do this by looking for beauty, engaging with family and friends, finding something new to learn and wonder about. Basically, I cancel the pity-party and look for ways to celebrate that I'm still here. It works, most of the time.

This new co-worker showed an occasional glimpse of her humanity, which she was not comfortable doing. Her smiled seemed forced, and out of place, on a face that looked bitter most of the day.

Her actions resulted in one person leaving our table and her being impolite to me. I took note and will take action at the right moment. I pick my battles wisely.

What I plan to do is to let her be her, and call her out by saying "Ms. So and So, that tone, facial expression, and/or body language makes me think X. Is that your intentions?"

This being is in desperate need of a learning moment. She needs to get over herself and join the party. If she chooses being part of life, then, and only then, she might make friends and encounter a good fuck.


lelocolon said...

you are much better than me at handling shit like this or her. That bitch is whack. Here I was almost got into a car accident and the best she can come up is that I do not know how to drive. Fuck her sorry ass. She is to me a colonialized dog, throwing away those that are next to her, to wag her tail for goodies that the master will not let her have. she spell out damage goods to me.

Anonymous said...

'in desperate need of a learning moment'. i LIKE! lol

that girl said...

sorry, the comment above is from ME, not anon.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

She's prolly scared to death... And this is her defense... By June, she might be your best friend!!! Maybe... Maybe not. Just sayin...