Aug 28, 2010

Glenn Preaching To His Choir

Okay, so I'm watching the opening moments of Glen Beck's Restoring Honor rally. Glen opens up by saying how this nation needs to return back to God, and us working together, regardless of our different faiths.

He then introduces a rabbi, two Native-Americans, and a pastor. Sounds like the opening of a joke. Anyhoo. The good Rev. is brought to the microphone and gives an impassioned prayer where he states that salvation is only possible through Jesus Christ. He ends by saying "amen" and then he along with the rabbi, and two Native-Americans are escorted off stage.

Yup, there ya have it. Glen Beck's version of working together and respecting different faiths. I wonder if the Rabbi and Native-Americans were backstage concerned to learn that they are not the chosen ones, and won't be saved, because they are not down with Jesus Christ.

Then after all this talk of God and Jesus, Glen goes into a speech about honoring the military. Yup, there ya have it. Glen's choir loves their guns and Jesus. Oh, and Jews and non-whites can show up, but they should expect to be seen and not heard, well, only if they accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.

These types of spectacles where God is used for political agendas, always reminds me of Margaret Cho's joke, where she said that she believes Jesus Christ looks upon what's going on and screams, "That's not what I meant!"

Later in the day Sarah Palin and Alveda King will speak. We all know Palin is basically out and about so she can make money and keep her face in the public arena. As for Alveda, one day Coretta Scott King had to step to her at the King Center and put her in check for spewing anti-gay marriage rhetoric. Nuff said.


Reneé said...

I caught a clip of the King family crazy, Alveda King, and that was it for me. She is yet another example of nothing being quite as holy as a "reformed whore" (two abortions and a divorce). I read that they decided to play to the churched up crowd today but Glenn will be spinning that into politics come Monday. He had a nice turnout so Mazel Tov to him...the bigots will be back on parade come Monday with Glenn acting as band leader, trust.

Wonder Man said...

the Alveda clip was sad

lelocolon said...

Glenn Beck is a black face, without the black shoe polish. He is an opportunistic that has no problem appropriating others political history to accommodate his own political arena. However when you look at his records, he has shown nothing but contempt for the struggles of the African American community and their experiences. How come it is so easy for him to use Civil Rights experiences to engulfed in the worst cultural war that this nation is facing, and never once he has spoken on behave the experiences that millions of African Americans? How come if he claims that he shares the history of oppression with the black community, he is so opponent to the First African American president? That instead of he cheering for Obama, he has done the contrary, anything and everything to lynch Obama’s presidency.

Reneé said...

I read more on this today and it sounds like Beck realized that his rhetoric was going to play badly outside of Fox News so he has decided to divide and conquer. He'll talk the bigoted crap on Fox but elsewhere he'll be using religion to pull in followers. Politics and religion are how Hitler got started...and we know how that played out before it was over. Beck will be back on Fox playing the martyr and trashing all things that aren't him after the holiday.

@Wonder Man: had a brief write-up on Alveda and she is obviously a woman with some mental health problems that are being exploited in this. Not that she can't believe what she does, she's just said and done some things in the past that indicate "issues".