Aug 31, 2010

It's Giuliani Time for Rudy

"Caroline Giuliani, daughter of former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, was warned today by a judge to "stay out of trouble."

And she was told that if she completes one day of community service, her shoplifting charge -- she stole $100.50 worth of makeup from a Sephora store on E. 86th St. earlier this month -- will be dismissed.

Giuliani will most likely mop floors and clean toilets at the Sanitation Department's Manhattan District 3 garage at Pier 36 on the Hudson River, reports theDaily News. That's the same place Naomi Campbell and Boy George toiled after they ran afoul of the law. She has to complete the sentence by Nov. 4. She is due back at Harvard for classes tomorrow."

Source: USA Today

Here are some of the moments I recall about Giuliani's term as mayor of New York City.

I have memories regarding allegations of civil rights abuses and other police misconduct involving unarmed suspects, such as the scandals connected to the anal torture, with a plunger handle, of Abner Louima and the unjust killings of Amadou Diallo and Patrick Dorismond.

He put salt on the wound of Dorismond's family, when Giuliani supported the New York Police Department's shady business of releasing what he called Dorismond's "extensive criminal record" to the public, including a sealed juvenile file.

Oh, and let's not forget Rudy's appointed NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, now a convicted felon. Hey and what about Rudy's slide-off action becoming his second wife.

Silly Giuliani, he thought he could win the hearts of Republicans when he ran for president under the Republican ticket. Rudy forgot he was raised as a Roman-Catholic and his name ends in a vowel. Silly boy!

Wasn't he such a morally-corrupt wolf in sheep's clothing, while never looking cute.


lelocolon said...

I hate that bastard he should be decapitated. but here is my question why do New Yorkers keep voting for sadists like him? Don't they have enough?

Reneé said...

I remember his ridiculous attempts to censor art in the name or morality...all the while he schtupping his latest mistress. By the by, he should be working on wifey number 4 right about now.

"A noun, a verb, and 9-11" is the best line ever uttered against that rabid opportunist and hypocrite.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Oh, they will treat her like a celebrity... She'll sit around in an air-conditioned office, and all the employees will take pictures with her and get her autograph... No toilets dfor her, I'm sure...

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Hopefully he's over!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!!

Todd HellsKitchen

Postcards from Hell's Kitchen

Wonder Man said...

that is a mess.