Oct 2, 2011

Proud Alumnus of P.S. 123

Class 2-1 Mrs. Bello

Class 3-1 Ms. Goldberg

So I came across these class pictures posted by a former classmate of mine. I actually still have the pictures, but never thought to scan them. Take a look and see if you can find me.

I'm very grateful for the public education I received at dear old P.S. 123, in Brooklyn. I had very dedicated teachers and felt like I could accomplish anything because of their encouragement.

Mrs. Bello helped me fall in love with writing. She always encouraged me to put my thoughts onto paper. Thank you Mrs. Bello.

Ms. Goldberg opened my mind to beautiful writing when she read to the class Charlotte' Web. The way she gave life to the words in the book remains a vivid memory. Thank you Ms. Goldberg.

Mrs. Bello and Ms. Goldberg are my role models and the standard I strive for as a teacher.

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Christine G. Adamo said...

This is fantastic. I loved, loved, loved P.S. 123. We left after 4th grade (for Pennsylvania) and I've never gotten over what a GREAT education I got there. I had Ms. Goldberg, too!!!! And Mrs. Bello, I think. Oh, wow. This is a GREAT post and GREAT blog idea.