Sep 30, 2011

I Can Now Watch The Final Minutes of 60 Minutes

Andy Rooney is making his last appearance on 60 Minutes this Sunday. Let me say that in the past 20 years of watching 60 Minutes, Andy has consistently been the reason why I change the channel during the final moments of the program.

Trust me when I say I gave him a chance to make me "get it." However,  I have never found him funny, clever, insightful, witty, or worth watching. I've even read one of his books in an effort to find his charm.

You've been a lucky fuck Andy. You better thank god almighty that someone high up on the CBS totem pole wanted to see and hear you.


Junior said...

Ouch, Allan! His eyebrows are gonna come get you in the night!

Mitch Block said...

I have just discovered YOU and am loving what I'm reading. My sympathies, however, to Andy. Ouch is right! Although, I can't imagine getting through an Andy Rooney book.

Aaron said...

This must be a generational thing. I never got him either. He always seemed short sighted and out of touch. My Grandma loves him tho.

Reneé said...

Never got the Andy Rooney thing. He just seemed like a particularly cranky old man that used the show as his front lawn where he had tied those troublesome kids to trees and proceeded to lecture them on all that was wrong in the country since 1962.