Sep 20, 2011

The Ying and Yang of Teaching 9

This documentary on PBS about four teachers, from the Philippines, turned me out.

Good people, please look for it on your local TV listings and learn from it.

Watch the full episode. See more POV.


Reneé said...

While I'm happy they have money to send back to their families, I am also livid that teachers, and potential teachers, are being shoved aside for cheaper labor from Third World countries. It is so obvious that the "man's" plan was never to lift the living wage in Third World countries, it was to skim the cream of the crop off and have them work in the West for less money and fewer benefits than native born citizens. The same thing has been going on with nursing. I read years ago that countries like the Philippines have started to put the breaks on nurses leaving the country for higher paying jobs in the West after their education was paid for by government programs. How many of these men and women are getting paid equal to what an American would get at what I assume are charter schools looking to lower costs? I bet not many.

Side note, that special education teacher needs an assistant because she had too many kids to handle.

Allan S. said...

Thank you Renee for your insight. I am reminded of a time when I worked at a NYC hospital that recruited many a nurse from the Philippines.

The explanation was that many Americans, of college age, were not pursuing a nursing degree.

As someone that just completed an education program at one of the biggest university systems in CT. I was shocked at the low numbers of graduates in my program.