Jan 28, 2008

Looking For Love - Feb 11 on Logo

Can You Guess My T?

Calpernia Addams is looking for love. What better way to do it then by getting a reality tv show. The producers round up a stable of hot looking men. They also rent a fierce house, that most people are not able to afford. And, they create unusual dating situations, that allow you to test the wit and stamina of the many men vying for your affection and camera time.

Wait! It gets better. See Ms. Addams is one of those girls that use to be a boy. You see Calpernia is a transgendered woman! I'm excited. I love the trannies. They are the new gay. The G.L.s in G.L.B.T. are so played out. It's all about the switch hitters and the ones that made the switch.

Plus, it's being hosted by Alec Mappa, who is a funny, clever, and twisted biatch. The show will air on the Logo channel on Feb. 11th.

1 comment:

bunnilove said...

Wouldn't be funny if Ms. Addams turns out to be a lesbian? That what she's really looking for is some lady love...