Jan 1, 2008

A Pre-Hungover Post

Please note my post-hangover state inspired me to make some revisions of the original post.

This post is being written under the influence of several realities.
1. I've had a few sips.
2. I've reflected on the year that has passed.
3. I'm eager to see what 2008 holds for us tiny beings, on this big blue marble in space.
4. My hubby and I kissed at 12:00 without even waiting for it. We were talking and hanging and by chance I looked at the clock and said "Papito, it's 2008, kiss me." And, he did. Yay for us!

With that said my hopes and dreams for 2008 are:

- Pop-culture and celebrity obsession become less and less important. Hmm, well at the very least the exposure of that fake reality continue to reveal the traps and the toxic pseudo-reality people live within. May the revelation wake many up from the dreamstate.

- A multitude of sonic revolutions take over and reveal radio and mainstream music industry for the fascists tool it has become. In my youth, during the 80s we had rap,punk, new wave, and hair bands. I hate that Disney's High School Musical was such a hit that it spawned a sequel. We need more music that challenges the status-quo.

- That the mythical planet of the Sumerians, Nibiru, becomes visible to more earthlings and we start to embrace that we are NOT alone. Watch the skies.

- Compassion goes from being nice to noble. Honesty is not correct but courageous. Empathy moves from sensitive to insightful. Charity is not only for karma, but for affirming life.

- Love becomes an effortless form of expression.

- Laughter is as common as crying, and overwhelms the negative.

- The blessing of food gets enhanced by more awareness of the medicinal qualities of food. I do also want the enjoyment of eating Oreos cookies with milk. We ain't going for sainthood here, but we're better if we strive for the balance.

- World War III is avoided, and we shock the universe.

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Nice New Year's post!

Happy New Year!