Jan 29, 2008

On The Drive Home

A private conversation eavesdropped via wiretapping, between Georgie and Laura, on the drive home after the state of the union address:

Georgie: Yee hah I was something to behold tonight. Wasn't I Laura?
Laura: (silence)
Georgie: Laura, wasn't I something tonight?
Laura: umm hmm
Georgie: Umm hmm? Shoot, I was something else tonight. You aint here dem applauds.
Laura: (silence)
Georgie: What you think?
Laura: (silence)
Georgie: Laura what you think?
Laura: I gotta call the wedding planner tomorrow. That daughter of yours is leaving everything for me to handle.
Georgie: Ahh shoot you spoiled dem girls.
Georgie: Let me call Dick and see what he thought.
Long Pause
Georgie: (Turns to Laura who is looking out the car window) I got his voicemail.
Laura: Of course.
Georgie: Hey, Dick this is George. Hey buddy, give me a call. Laura was just saying I was outstanding tonight. I just wanna hear your take on thangs. Call me. I'll probably be up late tonight. So, call me. OK?
Laura: (In a whispered tone) Shit. Ha. He aint gonna call back. Never does.


Anonymous said...


I love Laura's silence because I feel that's exactly how she is, silent yet constantly judging Bush (and herself for marrying him)!

Also, thanks for the linkage, I just noticed it! I'm going to check out the other blogs you have there too. Anything to avoid work at work!

Kitty said...

Laura's shiny red suit made her look like she was headed for some cocktails with the girls. She was just killing time until she could get her apple-tini in hand.

Allan S. said...

According to Betty Bowers the codename for Laura is "Pickles."