Jan 15, 2008

Cougars, M.I.L.F.s and Daddies...Oh My! (revised)

In an earlier post I made reference to the female energy of our planet reawakening. She has had her nap and is now ready to make her energy known. Oh mighty Isis! I think what is also bundled with that energy is an appreciation for what will sustain us.

Well, I've noticed for the past few years in the world of porn and erotica there has been a fascination with the older, more seasoned woman and man. One term used to describe the woman is a Cougar. She is this fierce feline sex kitten that knows what she wants, how she wants it and with whom she wants it with. The other type is the crewd M.I.L.F., which stands for Mothers I Like to Fuck. Hey, the porn industry is still ruled by piggish men.

What I find sexy in all of this is that the older woman is being appreciated. Yes, I do know she is being objectified. I also understand this may be a new form of victimization of women. I mean the porn industry is tangled in a web of contradictions.

Not too far behind is gay porn and its fascination with the Daddies. These are the older men that attract the young, dumb and full of cum men. The daddies are often salt and peppered haired with a bit of pot belly showing the natural physique of a well worn body.

What is common among all of these fetish types is that they appear to be comfortable in their skin. From what I've seen most of their performances reveal them enjoying their experience and not just in it to make those coins for their next purchase of their drug of choice. Mind you I don't doubt there are perfomers focused on the money and that they are doing the trick for the fix.

I just think it's hot that in the spectrum of porn and erotica, it now more fully acknowledges that what is desireable, does include a person beyond 30 years of age. Mind you I myself am of a certain gloriously well fought and earned age. I like that if the hubby and I need a little fries on the side to go with our foreplay, we can enjoy something that visually celebrates an age and body type we can relate to.

ADDENDUM: Good people, Miss Kitty breaks it down for us even further in the comment section. Consider yourself to have been placed in the loop.


Kitty said...

M.I.L.F. = woman in her 30's

Cougar = woman, 40's to mid-50's

Sabertooth = woman that is 55+

(I came up with the term sabertooth and am very proud of that fact.)

Allan S. said...

Thank you for breaking it down for us. People take notice and learn it. Hey Miss Kitty looks like we are fast approaching Cougar status.

Hmm, perhaps I should consider some sandy highlights to go with the new stage in my life.