Jan 10, 2008

What Caught MY Interest In The News Today

- Sen. John Kerry endorsed Sen. Obama today. I'm intrigued by this new development. I wonder if it was solely based on Kerry evaluating the playing field and finding Obama to be the most qualified, or if he has some beef with Bill and Hillary. You see folks to me politics is personal and personal stuff gets meshed in with politics.

- Retailers reported that sales were low for the holiday season. The last time they had sales reports this dismal was in 2002. Money is tight.

- 1.5 million cars have an impact with a Deer on the highway, from those incidents about 200 people die a year from colliding with Deers.

- The U.S. produces over 2 million tons of e-waste (PCs, Laptops, Monitors, Keyboards, etc.) per year. Less than 20% of this e-waste is recycled. This e-waste also contributes toxic materials such as Mercury and Lead into the ground, resulting in the contamination of rivers, streams and other bodies of water.


Kitty said...

I think that he endorsed Obama because he has beef with the Clintons and John Edwards and he decided that Obama is a new face that understands the old school rules.

E-waste is terrible, especially when you think of all of those third world countries that could use repaired equipment in schools instead of kids digging through the bits for scraps in landfills made up of Western hemisphere castoffs.

Allan S. said...

Miss Kitty, you are a wise and in the loop kinda woman. The report showed how so much of our e-waste is shipped to China, and people sift through it to melt the metals they can find. In that process of melting they expose themselves and their children to toxic fumes.

It also showed how there are organizations in the U.S. that will take your old e-stuff and recycle it and create equipment for non-profits, families that are economically disadvantated and many third world countries.

Light bulg just went on. I'll post about these orgs that recycle and give new life and purpose to e-waste.

bunnilove said...

I agree with Miss Kitty, all the e-shit we produce could go to those that are WAY less fortunate than we Americans are, but really, who gives a fuck about unfortunates.

AND...the problem with The Clintons is that they have a ridiculous sense of ENTITLEMENT, like they're owed the presidency. I would rather see Guiliani(!!) in office than Hillary!!