Jan 17, 2008

Project Runway Post For MY Joslyn

My dear friend Joslyn has placed her request for another post about Project Runway. I can not disappoint her and must give the wonderful woman what she wants. So here you are babe. My thoughts on Project Runway 4.

- Joslyn and I went to the High School of Fashion Industries in NYC together, so she already knows, I knew Jesus loves me when the new season came to life earlier this month.

- Bravo to Bravo for selecting a group of folks, that earned this opportunity, from every walk of age and life.

- Child, they are serving the MAN CANDY this season. I'm swooning over the cute faces and the consistent show of bare chested wrapped in towels men.Umm and Rami has a hot ass.

- Ricky stop crying. It makes you seem unstable and not ready for this type of opportunity. And, if you must cry,then at least elevate what you are bringing to the runway. It would be better if you gave tears of joy, rather than tears for sympathy.

- The universe works in mysterious ways. Chris got chopped, but was resurrected when Jack had to leave (sending healing vibes to Jack). Chris aka The Phoneix has risen from the ashes and is serving it. If you don't agree look at the image above.

- My favorite moment so far was when Carmen and Ricky were not feeling each other, and were battling via song. So Ricky sang to Carmen "Don't go home to soon, don't go home to soon" Carmen responded by saying "Wrong note bitch!" Carmen got chopped in THAT episode. Ricky should open a Botanica and provide "consultas." I love fashion folk.

- Elisa spits on fabrics, grinds them into the grass, doesn't use a dress form, won't look at a male model undress and measures with her hands. This world is not ready for Elisa. I hope her planet welcomed her back with much fanfare and love. God bless you mujer. Ache! Ache!

- My pick for final three are Rami, Christian and Sweet Pea.


bunnilove said...

How lucky am I that I get a post dedicated to me, yeah!!

Let's get down to business...
Rami- really hot, great body, and the guy can drape his ass off. But he better shake it up and get out of his own head, or he will be auf the show. And the way he did Sweet Pea, for shame, for shame!!

Ricky- a train wreck that's about to pull into the station. The guy is an emotional basket case, he's not handling this well at all. His fears are holding him back, forcing him to play it too safe: meaning too boring.

Carmen- talk about falling flat on that pretty face of hers...

Chris- the universe truly stepped in to take care of business. Glad he's back, one-half of Team Fierce truly pulled out all the stops.

Christian- a real talent, but also real pain in the ass! That little Maddie forced some humble pie down his throat. I couldn't believe it, but she was a bigger pain in the ass than he was!

Elisa- This area of the universe is not ready for her. But she did have talent...

Sweet Pea- 46, tatooed, and from California. Is there anything that I don't love about this woman?

Jack- please get better sweetie...

Steven- I've met wallpaper more interesting.

Jillian- what a beauty! Somehow the girl seems to pull it all together at the 11th hour, and with great stuff, really great. If she keeps it together, she's going to be the dark horse.

Micheal Kors- looks somewhere between bad and homeless this season, but man is he funny at times.


Thanks Allan for giving me the opportunity to express myself, hope you have fun reading this. Rest assure, I will be adding to this subject...ciao for now

Anonymous said...

Are we top-3ing already? Well, I think it's gonna be Christian, Jillian, & Rami but Victorya could sneak in there.

I just see Sweet P making something godawful and getting kicked out. Same thing with Chris.

bunnilove said...

Well, ladies and gents, I'm back. And....ding dong the bitch is gone!! Finally Victorya gets her comeupance (my favorite word lately). And we really get to see what Ricky is made of, good for him. Chris had the best line for Christian: give the boy a bottle and send him to bed! Too talented and too immature for his own good. Christian forgot that in order to walk forward your feet need to be touching the friggin ground. Overall, a pretty good episode. Ahh denim, the fabric of our lives...

Allan S. said...

Yes, yes give the baby his bottle, check his diaper and put him to bed.

What a shame cause his outfit was fierce. I want those jeans he made.

Gloria a dios! Ricky finally got it. Just rock it mama and save the tears for when you win. Let's hope he found his stride.