Jan 23, 2008

Does MTV Still Play Music Videos?

I've been meaning to post this some moons ago, but got distracted with everything else. Amanda is a hot lovely mess. She paid some serious bucks for those lips, tits and hips. I wish her a long life. It's always the Year of the Dragon with her.

So you remember when MTV use to play tons of music videos and had music programming that highlighted the various genres of music? Now, MTV just pushes products and broken-down personalities. Hey, maybe music companies can't front the coins for music videos that artist then have to recoup to their labels. Well, maybe it can't happen on such a wide scale as it use to. It's hard for an artist and label to make the coins today.

I wonder if they ever had the guts to air this? And, if the audience they have now would have been able to appreciate it. If someone knows, please let me know.


bunnilove said...

You know, I actually liked the song. There was something very 80's about it, but in that sweet, wonderful, innocent, melancholy, way. And no, MTV does not play very many videos anymore. You can still catch them in the morning though. But you'd be so shocked and amazed by the horror displayed on your tv screen set to music, if you could even call it that, that not viewing today's music videos is a blessing in plain view.

Amanda's lips really distract me, you would think it would be her breasts, but no, it's the lips. They give her a bit of a Joker look. But yes, there's quite a lot of work in the creation that is Amanda.

The guy at the end was really cute, he had a really big bulge in that sequin skirt of his.

Allan S. said...

Jos, I wonder if he got aroused being all dragged out? A little bit of glamour can have that affect.

bunnilove said...

You know, I was messing around with this guy who sometimes liked to put on my panties, and would get the biggest hard-on from it. He said he liked that they were soft and pretty, and we would choose the colors that was most complimentary to his skin. The funny thing was he was so worried that I would find the whole thing gay, but I never did. Really, most men who enjoy that are typically straight. Besides, whats the difference between that and me wearing mens clothing, I find it more comfortable. I don't really think that men who enjoy dressing like women want to BE women, but perhaps feel CLOSER to women. Women can be these strange and foreign beings to men, maybe this is their way of feeling part of the club!