Jan 27, 2008

Do You Hate People?

Breaker 1, 9. Breaker 1, 9. Hey good buddy do you find that often at work your stomach turns while having to deal with the people around you? Do you find you tend to have problems when it comes to developing or maintaining healthy long-term interpersonal relationships? Over.

Well, if the answer to that question is a "10, 4 good buddy" you may want to consider a career change and enter the fascinating world of truck driving.

Call now and you'll receive your welcoming kit that includes two cases of Red Bull, a year supply of No-Doze, economy size box of Trojan condoms (for when you entertain those truck stop hookers) and a guide to the best greasy spoons establishments across the good ol' U.S. of A.

"A shortage of long-haul drivers is spurring trucking companies across the USA to try to recast trucking's nomadic image and recruit more women, minorities, retired military veterans and those who want a second career.

High driver turnover traditionally has been a problem throughout the trucking industry, according to Ray Kuntz, chairman of the American Trucking Associations (ATA). But the road ahead, he said, looks especially grim.

Because rail capacity is limited and air freight is so expensive, he said, the federal government projects a 31 percent increase in product hauling over U.S. highways from 2005 to 2117." Source: USA Today


Kitty said...

No-Doz? Darlin' that's a "tina" crowd if you've ever seen one. Truckers have been using that to do long hauls since the 70s. They've been running ads in these parts trying to recruit people for trucking school. I haven't been able to figure out the scam with that though. It's probably the same as the "Learnin' To Do Hair" schools back in the day; stuck with tuition bills and no certification or license.

Allan S. said...

Ahh yes, "tina" would work nicely. See I was thinking in terms of what would be easy to take.

Oh wow remember some time back it became fashionable for the party kids to wear trucker hats. I wonder if they got inspired by runnining into truckers when they went to see their dealers.

Hey Miss Kitty, do you remember Wilfred Beauty Academy?

Kitty said...

That beauty school made a lot of money off tuition loan scams. They got shutdown in the 90s when it was discovered that close to 90% of their students didn't graduate or get licensed.

Anonymous said...

I got so excited until I read the word "trucker." I hate driving about as much as I hate people. Can you have a trucking chauffeur, or does that defeat the purpose?

bunnilove said...

I actually like to drive, but I like to sleep even more. Plus, I get pretty lonely, so I would need a buddy. On second thought, maybe this job is not for me!