Jan 14, 2008

When Worlds Collide

While I've been on winter break I've been spending a lot of time reading about politics, conspiracy theories and sci-fi. My Pisces mind has constructed the following scenario. Be forewarned, do not read this prior to going to bed, it may lead to scary dreams.

Sinister elements of the U.S. government have figured out ways to rig elections without it be detected. The result will be the Greys will place a mind controlled Reptilian, that is able to shape shift into human form, into power. This will be evident to those that know, because when this person speaks they will repeatedly stick out their tongue, in a lizard like fashion, when they are speaking. For those that are blind it will appear as they are just licking their lips.

The goal of this diabolical plan is to further consolidate the worlds powers for the purpose of global enslavement of the masses. This is essential so that upon the arrival of the planet Nibiru in 2012, earthlings will once again be forced to mine for gold dust, in order to maintain Nibiru's weak atmosphere.

All earthlings will have their DNA analyzed during what will be called The Purification. This process will identify what talents and deficiencies a person possess based on what is encoded in their DNA. Everyone will then be given work assignments based on the analysis of their DNA.

Through sheer free-will a certain segment of the population will escape the grip of the evil forces in control and will create an underground movement to abolish the oppressive rule of the new world order.

The final fate of humanity will rest on the determination man and woman kind have to fight for truth and freedom. It will also be essential that humans transition to the 4th dimension and work communally.

Dear faithful readers I have shared far too much. With this post I have placed myself in danger. If I am eliminated, do not fear. My spirit will return in a 4th dimension form. I will appear androgynous and will be known as Epiphany. I'll choose Las Vegas as my new base station and will pack them in nightly at the Luxor hotel and casino.

Look for me. During my sold-out performances I will provide information to those in the know. Watch the skies and pack some heat during the winter solstice on 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, the first time we're in a recession since my childhood and I have no money to go shopping. Imagine the discounts!

Seriously, times is bad, y'all.