Jan 28, 2008

Hillary On The Crackberry

HailHill: u there?
BubbaRock: wassup?
HailHill: guess who is sitting next to Alki?
BubbaRock: who?
HailHill: Obama!
BubbaRock: wait let me get to a tv
BubbaRock: oh hell to the no
HailHill: aint that some shit....how do I look?
BubbaRock: pissed
HailHill: ummm yeah!
BubbaRock: I know babe but relax. fuck it.
HailHill: fuck it? u kidding...right?
BubbaRock: look I don't want to fight
HailHill: gotta go, Nancy is hitting the gavel
BubbaRock: hold your head up babe, I got the foot rub waiting for you
HailHill: ok...good my dogs are barking
HailHill: tell chels to text me

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