Jan 8, 2008


I've recently developed an interest in Astronomy. Since leaving the bright lights of NYC, I've been able to see more of our celestial neighbors in the night sky. Hamden is a small town; therefore, the light pollution is not as severe.

I've found that stargazing really soothes me despite the fact it also humbles my spirit. I'm intrigued by what is out there. I'm also fascinated with the many myths and legends regarding the planets and constellations.

In the winter night sky of the North you can see the sky giant Orion. I've grown fond of him. I can understand the fascination our ancient ancestors had when they looked up at him. He's rather easy to find. Look for Orion's belt. Orion's belt is made up of three stars that sorta line up in a straight line. The middle star is slightly north of the others.

Also in view tonight is Mars. Earth's smaller cousin is north of Orion and in between the two stars that make up his shoulders. Look for a bright light that is steady. Planets don't twinkle, only stars do. Also, depending on your view you might see a red tinted haze of light surrounding Mars.

Saturn is also in view for those of you lucky enough to live in an area with very little or no light pollution. I'm not so lucky. Look towards the east and slightly north of Mars to find the ringed planet.

If you want to make a star map for your spot on the planet click here.

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