Jan 2, 2008

Your Freudian Slip Is Showing

The last challenge on Project Runway required the designers to revise an already existing garment that belong to a woman that lost "a significant amount of weight."

Steven's client brought in her old wedding dress. Steven went into a state of conflama. He found the material and beading tacky. What did he come up with? Well, he created what ended up looking like a maid's outfit. So the bride went from the bell of the ball, to the women that would scrub the walls.

I found it hysterical. It made me wonder if deep in that head of his, he saw what the future might hold for the owner of a wedding dress. Maybe, I read to much into it and Steven just lacked the inspiration to really rock it. I still laughed my ass off.

MichaelKors called it "a french maid going to a funeral."

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