Jan 30, 2008

And Justice For All?

"While John Roberts worked at a steel mill during college, and Clarence Thomas came up dirt-poor in Pin Point, Ga., the Supreme Court of late hasn't shown much interest in people...who reside at the bottom of the economic food chain. The court's docket is increasingly dominated by business litigation -- patent challenges, anti-trust suits and attempts by big businesses to insulate themselves from all sorts of legal liability and litigation brought by their employees, investors or aggrieved customers."

I say we need to rethink the "appointment for life" racket the Supreme Court has going on. In my opinion these people are still human beings on the bench. These Supremes are vulnerable to political loyalties, prejudices, corruption, or just unqualified to serve. I say put them up for re-election every X amount of years, or just allow them to serve X amount of years.

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