Aug 15, 2009

This Film Seduced Me

Okay, Marcos is movie freak. How much of a freak? Well, during his summer recess from teaching, he rents about eight movies a week. He rented a movie the other day, I watched with him and initially thought, "what the hell is this?"

Good people, I became quickly wrapped up in the film. Revenge of a Kabuki Actor. While performing in a touring kabuki troop, leading female impersonator Yukinojo comes across the three men who drove his parents to suicide twenty years earlier, and plans his revenge on them. I loves me some revenge movies.

This is one of those films that unfolds a well told story, with fascinating characters. At times it's a bit campy, and the dialogue ranges from the poetic to the goofy. Yet, in all these contrasting elements, it maintains an integrity. I really enjoyed it.

Let me stop here and let the trailer do it's thing:

Seek it out and let me know what you think.

He's now watching Tokyo Gore Police. He lost me on that one. It's slashing and blood spilling galore. No thanks.

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lelocolon said...

The best part is how her passive-aggressive game, was wonderfully played.