Aug 5, 2009

Breaking The Code

What A Busy Boy!

Okay so I'm watching David Letterman, and his first guest is Johnny Depp. I dig Johnny. Anyway, Mr. Depp has dangling from his front pocket what looks like a pink handkerchief. What intrigued me is that it didn't really go with his non-pink outfit. It seemed more like a non-verbal announcement. You know, like people do with the handkerchief code.

For those of you not in the know, within the gay culture, there are folks that announce their personal sexual taste, in everything from vanilla to kink, by wearing a colored handkerchief within their pockets.

It's my understanding that the placement of the hanky reveals if you are the giver or receiver of said sexual act. Johnny had his in his front pocket, which I believe reveals something he likes to watch.

If the hanky was in his back pocket it tells if the actually engages in the act. Right pocket is the receiver, left pocket is the giver. Take notes good people.

So Johnny has what looked like a pink handkerchief. Depending on the shade of the pink it would mean, if this is the message he was sending, that Depp likes to watch tit torture, or dildo play. Intriguing!

Mind you, I'm not saying Johnny is gay, bi, or whatever. He's uber-rich and labels like that have no fucking meaning for those folks. He just does him and whomever he likes.

Also, among the heterosexual S&M crowd the hanky-code is widely used. I've been to The Vault of NYC's past, and realize the sex spectrum propels people to communicate in discrete ways.

I'm not an expert on the handkerchief code. What I wrote is based on what I recall from my hedonistic days. I also know the code is very much varies among various communities. I welcome any reader to share their knowledge of the code. I would so hate to have social-sexual faux-pas.


Wonder Man said...

i never knew the difference

bunnilove said...


Was that a real picture?

I also like Johnny Depp, he's cool. But you know, I never wanted to sleep with him. Also, since he's been with Kate Moss, I consider him sloppy seconds, I find something nasty about her.

Anonymous said...

See this is why I'm single. I can never figure out all the codes and by the time I get one, all the gay guys I want to date have moved on to another set of codes!