Aug 6, 2009

Are You Ready?

So, it's been reported that there was some acts of violence today, at a town hall meeting on health care in Tampa, FL. Good people, are you ready for the downward spiral of America's version of democracy? When passionate opposing sides collide people get hurt and eventually killed.

What's even more tragic is the opposing sides of citizens think they are fighting a good fight, when in reality, powerful corporate interests are driving the ship, and using the people as pawns. It's politics as usual and some of the oldest political games are being played.

Spread the word that it is important to hold on to the belief that love, truth and grace matter. It will be our only salvation. It will get ugly before it gets cute.



Kitty said...

Since they were filmed getting up to it most of those folks better be from that Congressional District or they are going to be called out by free-lance journalist looking for stories as plants for corporate and conservative interest. Also, people from these districts can't be feeling too happy about their areas being made to look as if they are filled with overly aggressive whack-jobs.

bunnilove said...

I agree with Kitty: this simply looks bad and this warrants some investigating. If these people were not from the district they were protesting in and just happen to be there, like storm chasers, the folks from the local Congressional Districts should be pretty angry, and rightfully so.

lelocolon said...

It is hard to contradict these folks. they are the same crew that elected Bush 2 terms. What Fox news is not clearly projecting is that in their misinformation to their crowd they are mixing race fearing tactics, with political concern targeting only white southerners. This is bound to clash nasty and lets hope that it is not a white man gone down by a person of color cause it is going to create a race shit. On the other hand, one of the political post recently sited that in St. Louis a black man got a bit down during a town hall meeting by two whites. That is something you will never see of concern in Fox news television.