Aug 14, 2009

Clearing The Air

Keep in mind there are other folks out there countering the right wingnuts. Don't let the MSN fool you into thinking it's just the right that has might!

Okay, so this was a week of misinformation and inappropriate behavior taking center stage in the national discussion on healthcare reform. I have been revolted by the level of stupidity and lack of decency displayed by certain fellow citizens.

I went to to get some clear answers about some of the myths, about Pres. Obama's health care plan, that are being circulated as truths.

In a nutshell researchers at have found evidence that indicate the following statements are FALSE.:

False: Government Will Decide What Care I Get (a.k.a. they won’t give grandma a hip replacement)

False: The Bill Is Paid For

False: Private Insurance Will Be Illegal

False: The House Bill Requires Suicide Counseling

False: Families Will Save $2,500

False: Medicare Benefits Will Be Slashed

False: Illegal Immigrants Will Be Covered

Click here for the details
Please note the article was not a complete love letter to Pres. Obama. They are calling him on some claims. I say this looks like a good place to start to find unbiased reporting.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Cut and paste some of this post content, with the link, onto discussion boards that are being overrun by the Astro-Turfers.

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lelocolon said...

Yeah I am glad that we can actually recapture the spotlight, we facts and not let the fucking astroturfers morons take over the media.