Aug 23, 2009

The September Issue

I want to look behind the curtain. I want understand the constructions of myth, taste and style. I will be going to see this documentary. Thank you Izzy for the heads up!

Click here for the trailer and more information.

Ahem, it's not lost on me that the magazine print industry is withering away. Looks like Anna and crew are trying to revive a magazine that has been enduring dizzy spells due to the vapors. I hope Andre acts out deliciously.

P.S. For this film to open on 9/11 in select cities was not a smart marketing movie. They should have known better than to compete with a day of remembrance and present a documentary of people arguing over what looks pretty.

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lelocolon said...

Vogue one of many avenues in which culture gets re-directed to follow a norm. Specially dictated by those with wealth, without little affection or understanding for life.