Aug 10, 2009

HRC Is Digging Deeper

Thank you V for your recent post that reminded me to share the following.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has engaged in an initiative called Equality Forward. Part of the project is the sharing of stories from people of all colors about the experience of being GLBT in a world where race and ethnicity play a role. Here is what HRC has to say about the project:

"This study is part of Equality Forward, an initiative by the Human Rights Campaign to unite lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and straight allies of all races and backgrounds to win equality for all.

More than two years ago, we began this project with one desire: To better understand what’s important to LGBT people of color, a group of people that has not traditionally been asked. We envisioned a listening project and put aside our assumptions of what we thought we knew or didn’t know. Share your story. After you share your story, read others’ stories.

This report comes at a critical time when our future depends on our ability to understand our differences and similarities. In this area, we have so much work to do — both within ourselves, as well as in our communities. But if we dare and care to learn, we can begin to speak of “we” and eliminate the false dichotomy of “us” and “them.” Because in truth, “we” are all that we have.

Join us at at 3 pm EST on August 13th and join the national conversation about race, sexuality and gender with some of today’s most distinct voices in the LGBT movement. Submit your questions and comments today at"

Mark your calendars and see if you can be part of the discussion on August 13th.

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